Improving my OSS library and taking steps towards improving my YT quality

After banging my head against the wall for a few weeks, I've finally made some solid steps towards improving the documentation of my open-source web framework ⚡️.

1. Added keywords to the npm repo to make it pop up for more search queries.

2. Added better demo usecases:
a. Summing up 2 large numbers.
b. Fetching data from API call in server (to hide secrets) and returning result to client.
c. Return list of files on server to client (ls -la /).

3. Explained how Object Proxies, Websockets and Typescript Generics are used to bring the library together.
a. Websockets
- High performance & reliability
- Smaller Code Footprint
b. Object Proxies
- Get control over getters/setters of objects
c. Typescript Generics
- Help improve auto-complete
- Return correct types for each function and help in compile phase.

You can check more out on the Github link:

I’ll be writing an article for freeCodeCamp on this soonish, and meanwhile I’m doing a Product Management Bootcamp, from which I hope to learn a lot more about product than I can by just being a programmer.

I’m also creating a new room setup for my Youtube videos, so I hope to increase the production quality there soon, so I get better at creating content 🤞.

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss any of my work :D

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