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Week Summary: Built an API + Got 300 views on YT

I built an API to solve a niche on RapidAPI: Allows searching by multiple params like genre, not just name. Already got 5 users. Trying to cater to these users better, while I figure out a problem where free users still require a Credit Card to sign up.

YT video also did, well. About to reach 300 views this week, which Iโ€™m really grateful for. I'll be looking at search analytics and figuring out what else I can make videos on.

Meanwhile, things are pretty bad in India, so I've slowed down posting, and focussing more on amplifying people who need voices. I have donated to few charities and also recommend other people to do the same.

Although there has been a lot of focus on donating to charities which provide Oxygen cylinders, there also needs to be a focus on the people without a voice, the underprivileged. Those whose income was based on the economy being open like daily wage labourers or small-scale industry workers are most affected by the lockdown and the pandemic.

The basic pillars of human needs include food, shelter, clean drinking water and clothing. Because of this pandemic, the needful don't have access to the things which require a constant monetory commitment, ie, food and sanitation.

So, we should also ensure donations go to the charities who focus on these.

Some of these are:






Learn Structuring React Projects with a Dogs App [โš› + ๐Ÿถ]

Learn A Better Way to Structure Reactโ€‹ Projects by Building a Dogs App in Next.JS

This week, I decided to focus more on Youtube, since thatโ€™s a channel which is growing without any direct inputs from me. There are several topics I can create videos on which viewers would be interested in.

Todayโ€™s video was on โ€œLearn Structuring React Projects with a Dogs App [โš› + ๐Ÿถ]โ€ in which I build a Dogs app from scratch in NextJS and also explain the various parts of the project structure in it.

It was fun to make, but took a lot of time to record + edit. Hopefully, it pays off in the long run ;)

You can check out the video here:

Week Summary: Learning & Practising Animation in Web Dev + Promoting Open Source

How I learned animations and got an opportunity to try out hiring

So the last 2 weeks for me have been really good in learning. I started learning framer-motion, which is a library for adding animations to your components in React. I was introduced to it firstly by Pavanโ€™s article, from which I saw how easy its API was, but the real kicker which pushed me into the motion zone is the Interactive React course by SidKP.

It clicked for me when I realized that through framer-motion, animations now spoke the same (declarative) language as the rest of React. Through props, you control how an animation should occur, and motion takes care of everything else for you. Itโ€™s visible in this tweet.

To get more experience in framer-motion, I also used it in 3 projects throughout these 2 weeks.

  1. A Shopping + Chat experience within DelightChat (shown within a demo setting)

  1. A demo for a chatting application. The animations in a chat box always seemed intimidating to me, so it felt good to kill this demon.

  1. A blackjack game implemented in React and Typescript.

Apart from this, I made the Youtube video ofc. I managed to get to 91 subscribers somehow. Although I couldnโ€™t reach 100, itโ€™s still fine. I will continue to gain subscribers as I put out more content :)

I also worked somewhat on the marketing of functions-without-borders, creating this cover image:

and sharing it on Reddit and some other communities. I hope to write an article for it on an external source soon which will drive even more eyeballs to it.

And now, coming to the last part of hiring, Iโ€™m helping out a few companies in hiring their first frontend engineer, who would also be responsible for leading their teams, kinda like the role I hold at DelightChat. Since Iโ€™m best suited at finding out similar candidates to me, and also through my Twitter, LinkedIn and ofcourse this blog, I thought this would be an interesting task I could pick up.

Iโ€™m still hiring, so you can reply to this email to reach out ;)

Apart from that, I also made a little progress on trying to mint an NFT, doing some things on OpenAI, and making more progress on CASParser :)

So Who Uses a Superhero API anyways? (YT)

My first experience building a paid API

This week I decided to make a YT video. Promoting my own work on a different platform, improving SEO and seeing how things work :)

Meanwhile, Iโ€™m also promoting my latest library around:, and seeing how that pans out.

Next week, Iโ€™ll publish an article on that :D

On Personal Finance and FI/RE

Financial Independence for one and all

I recently came across FI/RE (Financial Independence/Retire Early) purely accidentally via HN.

This post documents the rise and fall of someone who pursued in succeeded in Early Retirement, but had some troubles later in life which made them take a job.

Now, not one to miss Schadenfreude (the joy of someone else's misfortune), I was reading the (expectedly) deriding comments on the post while trying to understand what FI/RE is all about.

P.S., my sympathies are indeed with the OP who didn't have it easy in life.

While learning FI/RE, I did a deep-dive into MMM, liveafi (the OP) and other material I could find online. Turns out theirs and my life philosophies matched a lot.

Early Retirement (acc to them) doesn't mean you stop working, it just means you pursue what you want in life.

Acc to my reading of 50+ articles, my takeaways were:

  1. Live life to the fullest

  2. Being mindful of where you spend your time and money (be careful what you're trading them for)

  3. Doing as much DIY as possible to maximize exercise.

  4. Have as little as an impact on the envt.

Throughout their articles, they also discuss a lot about finances and how you can keep your finances for a longer period of time, so you can reach a stable Retirement state early while being able to work/pursue wherever you want.

Here 2 keywords come into play:

  1. SWR (Safe Withdrawal Rate) - How much you can withdraw from your corpus/portfolio yearly without affecting your finances.

  2. FIRE Portfolio - The amount of money you need in total given a certain SWR and yearly expenses. It's calculated as FIRE Portfolio = (Yearly Expenses/SWR)

If you're in India, this is essential reading for this:

The other 2 things they preach are:

  1. Treat Every Purchase in Life like you're getting it for Free

  2. Treat Every Work Opportunity like you're doing it for free

(This is after you reach your FIRE goal, but it's a good thinking exercise regardless.)

  1. If someone offers you a luxury car, apartment, are you willing to pay for the:

  • Property Taxes

  • Maintenance Costs, etc.

In most cases even if you got a luxury item for free it would be too expensive to maintain

  1. If you consider your job like a good friend asking a favor, would you still do it? This (might) put all the extra things around your job in perspective.

  • A 2-hour daily extra commute

  • 4-hour meetings throughout the day, etc.

Maybe you'd like to take back control somewhere.

Anyways, these were just the takeaways from the reading that I did. Some links:

Most important for Indians:


  2. Read everything here:

Hopefully I help someone with this article :) If you like it, why not follow me on Twitter @thewritingdev

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