नमस्ते (Namaste) 🙏🏼 !

I am Akash Joshi !

Tech Writer & React Expert

👋 About Me

  • I currently work as a Senior Frontend Developer at Hash, where we run simulations on the web, and are working on a new way to run applications on the web. My day-to-day involves using NextJS (w/ TS), Apollo GraphQL (client + server), MDX, Tailwind and framer-motion.

    I'm also responsible for the complete developer support ecosystem which runs on top of NextJS with statically generated pages from a remote GitHub repository. We recently made a migration away from Gitbooks, and you can check out our current website here.

  • On the side, I work on growing casparser.in where I learn about the business side of things like talking to clients, taking user interviews and hiring + managing people.

  • I started my career with Open Source, and continue to make projects on my GitHub. Some of them are:

    1. A web framework which blurs the boundaries between client and server
    2. A reimplementation of React hooks in Typescript, making my own UI library.
    3. An implementation of BlackJack in React, with animations using framer-motion, which I built in ~4 hours.

  • I also tried being an Indie Maker on ProductHunt, creating a few projects which make me ~50 USD a month in passive income.

💡 Still here? Have a look at my articles or portfolio to learn more about how I think ;)

✨ Current Live Projects

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  • Superhero Search - A Search API for a Superheroes Dataset

  • Functions without Borders - A typesafe websocket client-server framework which thins the borders between clients and servers.

  • ScratchNotes - Take notes on a floating scratchpad which stays on top across all windows and workspaces.

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