नमस्ते (Namaste) 🙏🏼 !

I am Akash Joshi !

Tech Writer & React Expert

👋 About Me

  • I currently work as a Senior Product Engineer at Noble Place, where we build authorization tools for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. My day-to-day involves using NextJS (w/ TS) to build the UI, Typescript with GraphQL in the backend to build integrations with wallets, opensea, and other decentralized platforms like IPFS, and solidity for writing smart contracts.

    I've also built complete integrations with platforms like Telegram, to allow our users to build authorization for their communities there. We've been pioneers in integrating with Smart Wallets like Argent, which I will write about soon.

  • On the side, I work on writing my learnings on this blog, continue to grow my community of developers, and uplift mentees.

  • I started my career with Open Source, and continue to make projects on my GitHub. Some of them are:

    1. A web framework which blurs the boundaries between client and server
    2. A reimplementation of React hooks in Typescript, making my own UI library.
    3. An implementation of BlackJack in React, with animations using framer-motion, which I built in ~4 hours.

  • I also tried being an Indie Maker on ProductHunt, creating a few projects which make me ~50 USD a month in passive income.

💡 Still here? Have a look at my articles or portfolio to learn more about how I think ;)

✨ Current Live Projects

Below here is a summary to keep this page concise, find an archive on my GitHub.

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