React Project Ideas to Become an Expert

Hey guys! I've curated a swipe file which contains all the various React based projects I've ever worked on, and YouTube tutorials explaining all things React!!

This guide will help you'll build your own portfolio and structure your projects in a better way. Keep in mind, the more projects you work on, the more chances of you getting that JOB.

I'll rank them according to level of learning so you can only check the tutorials relevant to you :D

Bonus: here's a few helpful infographics to dive deep into React.

Here's a practical video guide to land a frontend job with no experience/no degree

How do I use this guide to get a job?

If you're a fresher or someone from a different field trying to get into Web Development or React, there's one simple way to get into this domain. Every week, sit down and do a deep down on a topic in Web Development, or create a new project (or share an update for larger projects).

At the weekend, share it on LinkedIn, and share it in a place you own, preferably a blog. The quickest way to start with a blog in my opinion is to open a Substack and then forget about everything else and focusing on writing.

Do this for 3 months, ie, 4 * 3 = 12 posts, where you share your journey and become more qualified in Web Development, and I guarantee you would have at least 1 recruiter who is a true believer in you and wants you in his company. If not, and you were TRULY consistent with your posts, I will personally place you in a job if you DM me on LinkedIn.

Can you refer me at Company X?

If you're a fresher (<2 years of experience in my eyes), read the above section. If you have 2+ years of experience, DM me on LinkedIn.

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