AR/VR and Startups - Permissionless Learning #1

In this session, we talked about:

00:00 Getting started and explaining Permissionless Learning
01:04 Introducing the Hosts
02:30 Pratik talks about learning AR/VR
07:30 Impact of AR/VR in startups
14:00 Use of AR/VR in simulations
16:51 Madhavi talks about impact of AR/VR in space tech
18:50 Audience Discussion about usage of AR/VR in startups (Most Interesting Part)
46:30 What has everyone been learning so far?

It was a lot of hard work yesterday (Saturday)
1. After waking up had calls with speakers till 11 am to motivate them.
2. 11 - 12 host the awesome Clubhouse session
3. 12 - 3 PM Have lunch, check audio, try to relax and ready equipment to stream
4. 3 - 5 PM Stream building my app.
5. 5 - 10.30 PM Do loads of editing and deal with slow render times for the #permissionlesslearning podcast.

Today (Sunday) I publish the rendered podcast on all the platforms and try to promote it :D

Anyways,  #1 of Permissionless Learning is out. In this session, we talked about  AR/VR, learning about it, and how we can use these concepts to change  some apps that we use daily.

The video is timestamped! So no need to worry about listening to everything.

You can also check out my live-streams to see how I build a React app from scratch. Although in my case I was facing some issues on stream which I generally wouldn’t face if building things myself.

Recording links -

Part 1:

Part 2:

It was in 2 parts because I had to switch PCs midways because of all the bugs I was facing on my laptop 😅

Even if you don’t want to watch the whole stream, this gif should give you an idea of how far I reached -

Next week I’ll be posting a video on the changes coming in React 18. Thanks for reading and see you then! You can reach me by replying here or messaging me on Twitter @thewritingdev