Be an Opportunist without being a Vulture

Be an Opportunist without being a Vulture

Be an opportunist. Jump at every opportunity that you see. Understanding the opportunity is half the journey, which means you actually have to seize first. Look for opportunities everywhere, be it job opportunities, or an opportunity to go to a meetup to connect with someone, and actually take active steps towards seizing them.

At the same time, be generous.

Be in a habit of sharing your opportunities with everyone else. A good analogy for this is, "If I have an apple and you have an apple and we exchange apples, we still remain with 1 single apple. If I have an idea and you have an idea and we exchange ideas, each of us now has 2 ideas." The same is true for opportunities.

I personally share all opportunities with all of my close friends, regardless of the chagrin I receive from people for doing so. I believe in being generous without expecting anything in return (while at the same time not being a doormat for others). This stops you from appearing like, and becoming, a vulture who jumps on everything and gives it up half-way.

An example being that I had shared my current job role's opening with at least 10 others before applying to the post myself.

If you actually deserve it, you'll get it, is what I believe.

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