Build the Damn Thing

Build the Damn Thing
Photo by θ΄θŽ‰ε„Ώ DANIST / Unsplash

The "Build the Damn Thing" Mental Model to learning new frameworks/programming languages πŸ› . Let me explain a mental model I use to learn new things in ~2 hours, which you can also use!

A Mental Model is a repeatable set of steps that you take to reach an outcome. In this case, to learn a new framework/programming language.

Let's have a look at "Build the Damn Thing" πŸ‘‡

What I do is:
0. Pick a project/goal for my learning.
1. Read the "Getting Started" section to start an empty project.
2. Check out a tutorial to bare minimum to start building.
3. In case I get stuck anywhere, go back to the tutorial/docs or seek SPECIFIC help.

By just following these set of steps, I'm generally able to pick up the basics of any framework/language within ~2-3 hours.

If you wanna try this out, there's a list of projects which you can apply to any framework/language.