How to sleep on time

How to sleep on time
Photo by Alexander Possingham / Unsplash

Having trouble sleeping in time at night? Here's what works for me:

- no caffeine within 9 hours of bedtime
- no naps after 5 pm
- no sugar at dinner time
- heavy exercise in morning, light walk in evening
- no screens 2 hours within sleep time
- no heavy dinners, and no heavy exercise within 2 hours of sleep (that releases adrenaline, making you more alert)

Most important, don't give yourself a "sleep timing", but a "sleep opportunity".

Set a time duration of 30 minutes from before when you want to sleep to lie in bed, so that you can naturally fall asleep within the time frame, to get 8 hours of complete sleep by next morning.

I hope these help. Sleep is one of the most important things for a healthy lifestyle.

Happy Zzz's!