Learning Advanced React in a realistic timeframe

Learning Advanced React in a realistic timeframe
Photo by Tudor Baciu / Unsplash

Here's a no-bs guide to how you can learn basic-advanced React in 3-4 months, given some prior experience in programming 🔥

👉 Learn HTML + CSS
👉 Pick up JS and add interactivity to your pages
👉 Learn React
👉 Deep-dive into advanced React

1. Learning HTML + CSS

For all parts of web development, from the basics of HTML to advanced CSS topics like Grid and Flexbox, Scrimba has a great set of resources.

You can start at scrimba .com/learn/htmlcss, and continue from there.

After learning the basics of both, your primary focus should be on Building Projects.

Some easy keywords to find project ideas/tutorials on Google or freeCodeCamp are "HTML project ideas", "HTML projects", etc.

2. JavaScript

After learning HTML,CSS, or whenever you are comfortable, start learning JS.

Number 1 resource here is Scrimba again. Just go to their courses section.

After getting your hands on JS, go through the amazing justjavascript .com course by Dan Abramov.

The course will teach you the basics of JS primitives, and go into the more advanced topics of things like function and object mutability.

To get good with JS, Build More Projects. Search "javascript project ideas", and related terms on Google and fCC

MDN is your friend

3. Learning React

By now you know the drill. Learn the basics from Scrimba, look at the documentation at reactjs .org as needed, and BUILD PROJECTS.

I can't stress enough how many projects you should build. Build till you know which hook needs to be used where.

4. Advanced React

Since the internals of React aren't well-documented (officially), it's also helpful to watch YT videos and search for articles on the web.

@acemarke on Twitter, Dan Abramov and Kent C. Dodds have the best series of articles on its internals and advanced React patterns.

Course recommendation here is epicreact.dev by Kent C. Dodds. The free articles they've written provide a lot of value by themselves.

Lastly, it's useful to go through Josh Comeau css-for-js.dev course as well, to learn about the styling patterns in React.

That's it for this thought dump. This is the path that I've recommended and seen people succeed in.

All the courses and blogs recommended here are ones I've learned and gone through myself as well.