Making Cybersecurity Exciting Again

Making Cybersecurity Exciting Again

Hey folks, this Sunday (September 5th) at 2.30 PM IST, we're having a chat with Pushkar Jaltare, a Cybersecurity Engineer working in AWS (Amazon Web Services) from Canada. Pushkar started his journey in India, and through hard work and making the right choices, made his way to AWS.

We'll discuss
- his journey & responsibilites at AWS,
- the opportunities in Cybersec for beginners
- ways in which people can participate and earn through Cybersec (CTF + Bug Bounties)

Nowadays I see a lot of PAID workshops online, and after attending them, I've seen that most actually just repeat knowledge FREELY found online.
We want to change this with our FREE discussions at Permissionless Learning.

Our differentiator is an open platform for discussion, everyone's free to ask questions to speakers at any point, and we don't gatekeep based on any metrics.

Join us today at 2.30 PM IST to have a completely open discussion with an AWS Engineer working from Canada.

To embrace an open community, we are hosting this on Discord. To join:
1. Go to .
2. Sign up for Discord and join our community
3. Join the channel #permissionless-learning-stage at 2.30 PM

That's it! See you then :D

Apart from this, in the past week, I've create a 90 seconds version of the HTML video for a quick view

And wrote a Book Review on Deep Work right here on

Deep Work Book Review
I read Deep Work by Cal Newport twice in the past 3 months, here are my thoughts on it. (This isn’t a book summary, smarter people than me have created summaries on this book. This is more my personal experience with the book.) 1) ReadabilityWhen starting the book first, I