Making your first Open-Source Contribution in 2022

Making your first Open-Source Contribution in 2022
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🔴 Tips on contributing to Open-Source 🔴

I recently was working with a few new libraries, and found a few places I could make changes. After getting my changes merged in, I found other places where I could make improvements, although I didn't have the time to contribute due to personal obligations.

However, through this process, I've found certain ways in which beginners can start their open-source journey, similar to how I had done it 4 years ago back in 2018.

1. Start from documentation of any repo, try to contribute fixes/improvements.
2. After that, move to configuration of the repo, any improvements which can be made?
3. Then, start it locally for the first time. Beginners can spot bugs/places to improve with more ease.
4. Once you're more experienced with the repo, you can start picking up tasks from Issues yourself, or talk with the maintainers to build features.

Hope these steps help you in making your first contribution today!

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