The Future of Everyday Design - Permissionless Learning #3

The Future of Everyday Design - Permissionless Learning #3

"No one works harder than the boss".

For the 3rd eps. of #permissionlesslearning, we're bringing Akshay Ballal on board with whom we're going to talk about the Future of EVERYDAY DESIGN 🔮🎨

He is someone who progressed from an Intern to CPO in 4 years!!

He works at FabHeads, which is driving the technology to Automate Carbon Fiber Manufacturing in India. #makeinindia

Let's learn about what Unfair Advantages he had through sheer hardwork, what skills he possessed, and his journey overall 👇

Akshay is someone
➔ who hustled for 3 years for his college's Baja team,
➔ which resulted in an internship where he showed his potential before graduation
➔ which resulted in him getting more & more responsibility before he became the CPO there.

We had a very unique and informative discussion with Akshay around Product & UI Design and its potential across the hardware and the software industry. For those of you who missed it can try the podcast version.

Amongst a plenty of amazing topics, here are few of the interesting ones:
➔ College Racing to Fabheads
➔ Compromising Design and Controlling finances
➔ Freedom Frenzy
➔ How to design a Product(from scratch)
➔ The world's first 3D printed footbridge

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