The Joy of Lagging Behind

The Joy of Lagging Behind

You're not too late to AI! Lagging Behind the Adoption Curve for an Upper Hand! 🌟

As tech enthusiasts, we're all about staying ahead of the curve. Every week, a new tech innovation comes out, which we want to get ahead on. But what if I told you there's a unique happiness in staying a step or two behind in the ever-evolving tech landscape? 🌐💡

🔗 Finding the Sweet Spot

Recently, the new GPT-4 Turbo API dropped with a mind-blowing 128k context length! Only a few months ago, we could only squeeze in a few sentences or maybe a book's chapter in the context window in GPT 3.5. Even before, the GPT 2 API only allowed 1024 tokens in its context!! Which means it could only parse what amounted to an essay.

Well, now we can fit hours of transcripts or multiple books into a single API call. This means that people who are later to the game have more of an advantage in creating AI applications. Additionally, since they're building in a world of token-abundance, they have newer ideas which we can't even think of.

🔄 The Joy of Lagging Behind

Being a bit behind allows us to skip the initial hurdles. The pioneers have paved the way, and now we get to reap the benefits without facing the early glitches. It's like arriving at a party just as it's getting started - all the fun, none of the chaos! 🎉👩‍💻🎈

🤖 GPT Vision: The Raw Beauty

And then, there's GPT Vision. It's raw, it's real, and yes, it has its limitations. While the early adopters are busy pushing boundaries, I'm patiently waiting for the technology to mature. There's a certain satisfaction in letting others iron out the kinks while we anticipate the real magic. 🌌

Of course people are building really cool stuff with this already. If you haven't seen tldraw, check it out. It allows you to iteratively build websites on a canvas by whiteboarding your ideas.

🌈 The Happiness Quotient

So, why stay behind? Because it's a journey to happiness. It's about relishing the progress, avoiding the pitfalls, and embracing the joy of discovering refined, polished tech. We're not late; we're precisely on time for the best part of the show!