Why I Turned Down a Big-4 Offer for a Startup

For growth, learnings, and finding my own purpose

Why I Turned Down a Big-4 Offer for a Startup

I REJECTED an offer from one of the big-4 to join a startup instead. Years later, Let me share why.

My mentorship journey began with a purpose. Not a feel-good purpose which looks good on a corporate slogan like "making the world a better place", but with a selfish purpose of reaching out to people and providing them advice which helps them where they're at.

Coming from a tier 3 college (like 90%+ of Indians) I had no guidance in my college regarding web development. Especially developing fullstack react apps using nextjs. I wanted to work at startups, and this stack was (and still is) highly relevant. My journey was a mix of 50% luck and 50% advice gleaned from the internet.

Now, the element of luck can be minimized with specific, actionable advice tailored to your situation. If you want feel-good, warm, fuzzy advice, there are plenty of influencers to provide that. But if you're looking for realistic advice that can energize you about your future, maybe someone like me who has carved their own path can help you!

So, this is my purpose - find individuals who are dead set on creating a better future for themselves, give some specific advice, and live them to lead their own lives!

Why did I choose a startup over a prestigious big-4 company? Because I believed in the power of hands-on experience and wanted to dive into the dynamic environment of a startup. Later, I moved to Meta to learn how large-scale operations work and to broaden my perspective. These experiences have equipped me with insights I now share on my calls on topmate.io.

If this resonates with you, and you're looking for guidance that is rooted in real-world experience, the link to connect with me is in my bio.