Landing rockets in simulations, hosting a Clubhouse session and being on podcast

A week full of Permissionless Learning + I was on a podcast

So this was an interesting week. The week started with me being a part of a podcast, where I talked about:

- Getting started with React and the basics of project structure

- How I got started with programming and tech writing

- Got my first job in React

- How to get side-project ideas

Check it here:

Later in the week, with my work at, I was trying to build a simulation to land a rocket. It took some messing around and talking with other folks in different teams, but I guess it would be a week or two before I end up landing a rocket:

I also hosted a Clubhouse session on Saturday, which went really well! Was able to connect a lot of my close friends and have deep discussions on things like learning, self-promotion and networking. Iโ€™ll be continuing this and trying to talk on new themes every week.

Also tried streaming a little on YT, which failed horribly because my npm dependencies took way too much time to install. Turns out I was on WSL 1 which was causing the issue. Also itโ€™s much faster to use something like codesandbox while streaming, which is what Iโ€™ll do from next time.

On Sunday, I went trekking with Madhavi which was really cool.

Also saw a crab

And right now am trying to actively recreate Reactโ€™s useState and useEffect from scratch :D

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