Beyond FAANG

Beyond FAANG

Most of you by now have been convinced that MS, Leetcode and FAANG is the end goal in life and there's nothing to achieve beyond it.

Read till the end for some open career opportunities.

But did you know, that some people choose alternative paths, and manage to earn in USD while living in India?

This weekend we're going to have an open discussion with some of these folks and learn about how an early-career professional can leave this rat race.

For this I'm bringing @ostwalprasad onboard, who has a lot of foreign remote experience (SG + Norway) as a Data Scientist.

Benefits of foreign remote over FAANG:

  • truly async work, ie, true remote work
  • getting paid based on your value
  • team members who actually care about how you do

Join us this Sunday at 2.30 PM to get an alternative view at career and life, and how you can carve a niche for yourself in the modern globalised job market.


Our previous episode on discussing space with ISRO scientists is live here.

Open Jobs

Full Stack Engineer (React + JS) @ Propacity: Link to Job

I myself am looking to hire for 2 roles:

  1. Python Developer (Part-time Paid role) - Experience in pdfminer and/or PyMuPDF required.
  2. Writer for this publication - This is more of an exchange program where I will mentor you and help you start with blogging and in exchange you will write your first few articles here.

If interested, reach out to me on Twitter @thewritingdev.