Leading Dumbledore's Army

Leading Dumbledore's Army
Photo by Matt Hudson / Unsplash

Hello readers of this blog! I've started something exciting with @SwapAgarwal and @chhabraamit12.

Introducing *drum rolls*

DυɱႦʅҽԃσɾҽ’ʂ Aɾɱყ

A self-learning space for experienced backend devs wanting to learn frontend.

What is it about?

A space for learners to gather, be nudged by daily prompts and resources, and build exciting projects to cement IN their learning.

Who is it for?

People having some dev experience and wanting to learn webdev. You will find a group driven for the same goal.

When is it going to start?

It's already on its way 😅! It started on 22nd Jan, 2022.

Will there be some fun in it?

You bet. It has been really really fun so far. The community aspect of it, especially with people connecting in every session to not just learn more about JavaScript, but even about each other, has been amazing.

Check out this Loom video to get a taste of our roadmap

Hope to see you all in one of my cohorts soon!👋