The Fine Line between Side-Hustles and Burnout

The Fine Line between Side-Hustles and Burnout
Photo by Dimon Blr / Unsplash

There's a fine line between working on side-hustles and burning out too quickly. I truly love my side-hustles and creating content. If the week had 9 days, I would do this for all 9.

Eg, I started editing the session we recorded this Sunday since yesterday after work, and woke up 7 this morning to continue editing.

BUT, taking breaks is equally as important. I take a complete hour long lunch break, and also take an hour off for dinner.

The breaks are there so you do your job better.

Also apparently one should keep 2 hours after waking up and before going to sleep without screens. I generally fail at this when I go into a flow state with my work, but one can try this to have more breaks :D

If you're looking for a way to do MORE work, why not just build the damn thing?